The Chiropratic Centre premises from the outside

The Chiropractic Centre - Chiropractor in Newcastle upon Tyne

Welcome to The Chiropractic Centre. Established in 1976 we are one of Newcastle's oldest chiropractic clinics, serving Heaton, Jesmond, Gosforth and the North East area. Our beautiful practice is on Cartington Terrace in Heaton with easy, free parking.

To make an appointment at our Newcastle clinic, simply call us on 0191 2656688.

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Can our Chiropractors help you?

Are you suffering from any of the following?

...if so our chiropractors can probably help you.

What is Chiropractic and how it can help with your pain?

Chiropractors are professionals who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of painful conditions due to mechanical dysfunction of the joints and soft tissues.

Chiropractors use their hands to adjust (manipulate) the joints and soft tissues of your spine and limbs where signs of restriction in movement are found, improving mobility and relieving pain.

What to expect when you visit our Newcastle clinic:


At your first visit your chiropractor will spend time recording your medical history, including questions about accidents, illnesses and family medical history. All your details will be handled with the strictest confidentiality. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a list of any medications you may be taking. If you have had any X-ray, MRI or CT examinations recently and have access to the reports, please bring a copy.

A treatment room at The Chiropractic Centre


You will be given a thorough physical examination which will concentrate on the joints, nerves and muscles of your body. Sometimes it may also be necessary to examine other areas, such as lungs, heart and abdomen. Your chiropractor will then decide whether any additional investigations, such as x-rays, are necessary before treatment can begin. In some cases it may be necessary to contact your GP, which your chiropractor will do with your permission.

Report of findings

After the examination the chiropractor will explain everything to you in detail:

Treatment Plan

A treatment plan will be formulated and tailored to suit your specific needs. In some cases dietary and lifestyle changes may be discussed and in most cases simple home exercises will be prescribed in order to maximize your recovery. You will also be advised on how to best avoid future problems.

photo inside a treatment room at The Chiropractic Centre

Our fees

We have standard rates for our chiropractic services as follows:

Consultation and examination      £20  
Return visit-Adult     £30
                   -Student     £25
                   -Child     £25

Other Therapies Available at The Chiropractic Centre

When The Chiropractic Centre moved to our new home in Heaton in 1993 we decided it was a wonderful opportunity to join with like-minded independent practitioners and form a multidiscipline centre providing a broad range of therapies under one roof.   These now include: